Renewing your license key

Renewing your license key gives you another 12 months of the latest automatic updates and access to one-on-one support whenever you need help. You may renew the license key you have without having to buy a new key for your product. There are several ways to renew, see each option below.

Renew from your email reminder

Your notice that your license is going to expire should come in your email, sent to the address you used when you purchased the license.

The email reminder that your license will expire contains a link to the checkout page with cart contents and license key information pre-filled for a renewal, so that you can simply check out.

Renew from the Themes Harbor dashboard

If your license key is expired, you can renew it by accessing your account at Themes Harbor and clicking the Licenses link located in the sidebar. In the Licenses page, locate your product in the list and click Renew license.

If your license hasn’t expired yet, but you want to extend it by a year, you’ll see an Extend license link instead. Extending your license will extend it one year from the expiration date.

Once you click renew, you will be taken to the checkout screen where you can complete the license renewals.

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