License key is about to expire

Our premium themes are distributed under an Updates and Support license. You can keep your purchased theme on your site as long as you need, however, updates and support are only provided for the number of site you have a valid license key for.

It is not required to renew your license key but we highly recommend it in order to get another 12 months of the latest and automatic updates of the purchased theme(s) and access to one-on-one support whenever you need help.

Will the theme continue to work after license expiration?

When a license expires, it does not mean that your purchased theme will stop working on the date of expiration. Rather it will continue to function the day after it expires, as it did the day before it expired.

However, what does change when a license expires is you no longer have the ability to download and receive updates and/or new features that are added to a theme which are otherwise available by having a valid and active license.

Theme updates are designed to address compatibility issues with new versions of WordPress and browsers, contain bug fixes and often include enhancements and new features.

For instance, if WordPress changes something in the future which affects the functionality of the theme – such as a change in a core API – and we release an update to the theme to account for the change(s) then you wouldn’t have access to the latest version in order to keep the theme working correctly.

You will need to monitor changes made in a WordPress core or/and other web technologies needed for your purchased theme to function properly, by yourself.

When you allow your license to expire then, although the theme may still continue to work, you will lose access to theme updates and customer support. Unfortunately, we do not provide any support for sites with expired license key.

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