Activating your license key

Our professional themes come with a license key which you can find either in a Themes Harbor dashboard or your purchase receipt.

This license key grants you access to support and enables one-click updates for your theme from the Themes page of your WordPress admin area. License key is consisted of numbers and letters.

Once the theme is installed and you've located the license key:

  1. Navigate to Appearance → Theme Info.
  2. Enter your license key in the box shown there.
  3. Click Save license key to register your website with the license key.

If at anytime you need to move the license key from one website domain to another, you may do so from your account page on the Themes Harbor website.

Important:It is highly recommended to keep your license key up to date in order to get updates for your theme and support for any issues you may have with the theme.
Renewing your license key gives you access to theme updates and support for another 12 months, including all updates for bug fixes and new features.

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