Deactivating your license key

You might sometimes need to change the site attached to your license key in order to begin using the license key on another site (for example, on your development site).

The are two ways to deactivate your license key. You can either deactivate it on your site or by using the Themes Harbor dashboard.

License deactivation using Themes Harbor dashboard

  1.  Log into your account on our site.
  2. In the sidebar, click Licenses to open the page with a list of all your licenses.
  3. Locate your license key in the list and then click Manage Sites.
  4. Click Deactivate Site if you’d like to deactivate.

License deactivation using your site

  1. Log into your site where the license key is currently activated.
  2. Go to Appearance → Theme Info.
  3. In the License key activation section, click Deactivate license key.

Important: Please note, when you deactivate the license key on your site, the content of the site will remain the same, but you will not be able to receive the latest theme updates.

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