Adding a Read More link

WordPress comes with several built-in methods that allows you to show a summary of your post or page along with a read more link.

This functionality allows you to break your content into a two parts: a short introduction, followed by the rest of the content. In this article, you'll learn how to the Read More link in your WordPress site. 

The More block (More tag)

Adding the Red More link in your posts and pages is quite simple. It can be done within your editor by using the More block.

Change URL of the link

By default, a WordPress core does not provide an option for creating custom URLs for the Read More links.

However, you can use a 3rd party plugin, called Page Links To, to add this functionality to your WordPress site.

Automatic output of the Read More link

Note, some of our professional WordPress themes have sections which automatically output the Read More link.

It's all done using a native WordPress functionality that is designed to display automatic excerpt. It never displays the full content.

This automatic excerpt also includes the Read More link.

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