The More block

The More block (or the More Tag) allows to display a short summary of your post content. Usually, when you insert the More block, a link to the full content of the article will be added directly after the excerpt. It can be placed anywhere in your content.

Adding the More block

The More Tag functionality can be found in the Editor using the More Block. In order to add the More Block to the Editor, click on the Inserter icon. Then search for the More Block and click on it to add it to the post or page.

Customizing the More block

By default, the More block displays the Read More or Continue Reading text. It all depends on the theme. WordPress allows to change this text, so you can have a custom call to action text.

Once you’ve added the More Block, you can edit the Read More text by clicking in the middle of the dashed lines, erasing the text and typing any text you want.

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