Venture - Setting up the Featured Content

Venture is designed to display two sections at the top of your Front Page template: the Hero section or the Featured Content section. The theme automatically displays one of these sections based on your settings.


By default, Venture displays the Hero section in the Front Page template. This is a static section which can only show the title and the Featured Image of your page. The Featured Image is used as a background image of the section.

Featured Content

Venture allows you to display selected pages, posts or/and projects in a featured area on your Front Page template. It's called the Featured Content section. This section replaces the Hero section and displays a slideshow of your featured items instead.

These featured items are selected by assigning them a specific tag of your choosing. Note, a slideshow functionality will be loaded only if the Featured Content section has at least two featured items.

Also, the Featured Content section allows you to display a More Link and custom content for your featured item. It will be shown below the title of your featured item.

Set up

To set the tag to use in the Featured Content section, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Customizer → Featured Content.
  2. In the Tag name field, add the tag you’ll use on posts to be displayed as Featured Content. For example, you could use the tag featured. Click Publish.
  3. Add the same tag to the posts (or pages) you want to display in the Featured Content area. The post title will display, and the post’s Featured Image will be used for the background.
  4. By default, the slideshow will not show a link below the post titles (like the “Read More” in the screenshot above). To add a link like this, you can add a More block to your post content, and even customize the link text.

If the Featured Content tag is not set, or if it’s not assigned to any posts, then the Featured Content section will display the front page’s title and Featured Image instead. In short, the Hero section will be shown instead.

Display a custom text

By default, the Featured Content section does not display any content in the featured item. If your site requires to display a custom text below the title then you can enable this functionality in the Themes Options:

  1. In the Customizer, go to Theme Options → Front Page Template: Featured Content.
  2. Check Display slide excerpts.
  3. Click Publish at the top of your screen to save the changes.

Once this option is checked and your changes are saved, go to your post (or page) and add your custom text to the Excerpt box. Make sure to save your changes.

Note: This feature requires Jetpack plugin installed on your website.

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