Adding a Custom Menu to Widget Areas

Custom Menus can be set not only in the menu locations but also in the widget areas. By default, WordPress comes with a Custom Menu widget that allows to display posts, pages, categories, and custom links in your widget area (for instance, in the sidebar). To use this widget, you first need to create a custom menu.

Once a custom menu is created, you can add a Custom Menu widget to the widget area. It can be done either in the Widgets Screen ( Appearance → Widgets) or in the Customizer (Appearance  Customize). In this article, we will show you how to add a widget through the Customizer.

  • In the Customizer, click the Widget menu to open the Widget Customize Screen.
  • Select a widget area where you want to add your a Custom Menu widget.
  • Click Add a Widget button at the bottom of sidebar to see the list of available widgets.
  • Find and click a Custom Menu widget in order to add it to the widget area.
  • Once you add the widget to the widget area in the Customizer, you'll see the following widget settings: Title and Select Menu. In the Title setting, add a text you want to display above your custom menu in the widget area. In the Select Menu setting, choose your custom menu you want to display in the widget area.

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