Setting Up a Static Front Page

By default the front page of your site will display the latest posts from your blog. However, it is possible to change it to a static page instead:

1. Create a new page.

Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard and add a new page. You can title your new page “Home” (or any title you want). Be sure to publish this page.

2. Set a Static Front Page.

Go to the Customizer and click on the Static Front Page tab on the left. Select the Static Page option, then choose the page that you’ve just created from the Front Page drop down.

3. Save your changes.

Make sure to save your settings. Click on the Save & Publish when you are ready.

Optional: Blog Page

You can also create a page to display your latest blog posts on a separate page. Simply create a new page called “Blog” (be sure to publish this page) and go back to the Customizer, and choose this page from the Posts Page drop down.

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