Change speed of Featured Content slider

Learn to change a speed of a slideshow used in the Featured Content section of the theme.

By default, the Featured Content does not provide an option to change the timing of the slider

However, you can use a solution, described below, to set a custom auto-play timing of the Featured Content slideshow.

First, install the Code Snippets plugin.

It's a free plugin which allows to add custom code snippets to a WordPress site without a need to modify the theme files.

The reason why using this plugin is because it's highly not recommended to modify the parent theme files. You should either use a special plugin for it, or a child theme.

Once the plugin is installed and activated on your site, you should see the Snippets link in menu in a WordPress dashboard:

  1. Click Snippets.
  2. Click Add New to create a new code snippet.
  3. Add title for your code snippet. For example, Speed of the Featured Content.
  4. In the Code section, add a code snippet specifically developed for your theme. You can find a code snippet using the theme list below.
  5. Add tags (optional).
  6. Click "Save Changes" to save your code snippet.

Select a theme to for which you need a solution:

Note, change a number value (milliseconds) in a code snippet to customize timing.


Code snippet:

function prosperity_set_featured_content_autoplay_speed() {
  return 6000;
add_filter( 'prosperity_featured_content_autoplay_speed', 'prosperity_set_featured_content_autoplay_speed' );


Code snippet:

function venture_custom_set_featured_content_speed() {
  return 3000;
add_filter( 'venture_featured_content_autoplay_speed', 'venture_custom_set_featured_content_speed' );
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