Theme Changelog

Changelog is the place where you can find information of all notable changes made to the product. 

All of our premium WordPress themes are constantly being updated with new features, bug fixes, and adjustments to help you have a professional site.

Each theme has its own changelog where you can view a chronologically ordered list of changes.

Partial changelog

You can view the latest few updates made to the theme within your WordPress dashboard when a new update is available:

  1. In your dashboard, navigate to Appearance → Themes.
  2. Any themes that have updates available will display an alert banner. From the banner area, click on the Check out what's new link to view a changelog.

Usually, the partial changelog shows the recent three releases of the theme. It also includes a link to the full changelog if you need it.

Full changelog

We also provide a full changelog for the theme. You can find a list of changelogs on the Changelog page at Themes Harbor.

Locate your theme in the list and click View changelog to learn more about the changes made to the theme.

Keep the theme up-to-date: Follow us on Twitter to track the theme updates.

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