Aquene: Setting up the Site Logo

The Aquene theme supports a native WordPress functionality to display a logo on a site. You can easily add a logo to your site using options provided by a WordPress core. Your logo will be placed at the top of every page within the site header. 

The logo size

By default, the theme comes with a recommended logo size which can be up to 500x100px (width x height). It means that if you upload your logo in the Customizer, WordPress is going to recommend to crop it.

Please note, it's only a recommendation. You can skip the cropping process, and upload an original size of your logo.

On the other hand, even if you have uploaded an original image size of your logo, it is still not going to have the original width in desktop/laptop views due to the structure of the site header section.

The thing is that the site header section is consisted of three section:

  1. Branding section
  2. Main navigation section
  3. Social menu section

Each section comes with its own width in order to create a grid in the site header section. The site logo is located in the branding section. The maximum width of the logo is the same as the width of the branding section.

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