Fortune: Adding a site logo

Fortune supports a site logo functionality which comes from the WordPress core. You do not need to install any 3rd party plugins to display a logo on your WordPress site. You can set a logo on your site using a special option located in the Customizer.

Also, you can upload a logo with a size which fits your needs but it should be bigger than a set maximum size. The maximum logo size is 900x300px.

Note, your logo will change its size during a scroll in large screen sizes. The sticky header changes a size of your logo to avoid usability issues on your site. The maximum height of your logo will be 40px. Width of your logo will be changed proportionally based on the logo height.

To change the maximum height of your logo in the sticky header, please use this custom CSS:

@media (min-width: 768px) {
    .sticky-navigation img.custom-logo {
        max-height: 80px;
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