Adding a More Tag

By using the More tag, you can display a short summary of your post, instead of displaying the entire content. It allows your visitors to quickly browse through all the posts on the page.

Adding the More Tag

In your WordPress Dashboard, open the post you want to edit. The More Tag button can be found in the visual editor toolbar. Place your cursor in the post content where you want the post to cut off. In the visual editor toolbar, click on the Insert Read More tag button.

Customizing the More Tag

By default, “Read More” or “Continue Reading” will appear as a text for the link but you can a custom text to the link.

  1. Click on the Text tab in the upper right corner of the post editor to open the HTML editor.
  2. Look for <!–more–> in the HTML editor. Add a space after “more” and then type your custom text: <!–more View More–>. As a result, your link will display “View More” instead of the default text.
  3. Update or publish your page when you are ready.

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