Downloading the theme files from

We have a partnership with which means that some of our themes are part of theme collection. 

Due to terms, you cannot download theme’s files because themes purchased on are only for use on

If you've just recently purchased the theme at then you can ask for the refund. All returns are handled through

If you've missed a refund window then please send us a copy of the receipt that states that our theme was purchased as standalone theme at, so we can create an account for you on our website. In this case, you will be able to get the theme's files. plans do not grant the theme license

Note: If you've purchased plan then you will need to pay for the theme separately. The thing is that the Premium or the Business plan does not grant the theme license. comes with several plan options to build a site on this completely managed WordPress platform. 

Some of these plans provide an unlimited access to the premium themes located in a collection. 

When having one of these plans, you can use a premium theme at as long as you have an active plan at that allows you to use that theme.

In short, you rent the theme for some period of time.

In other words, when you purchase Premium, Business or eCommerce plan at, you gain an unlimited access to all premium themes on without a need to pay a full price of the premium theme.

If you switch to the Free or the Personal plan then you lose your access to all premium themes at

Renting is not the same as owning.

When you purchase a premium theme on then no matter what plan you are using, you always have an access to the purchased theme.

Thus, if you've purchased plan then you'll need to have a self-hosted version of the theme to use it on your hosting.

In order to have a self-hosted version of the theme, you will need to purchase it at Themes Harbor.

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