Basic troubleshooting techniques

First of all, we are sorry you’re experiencing an issue. We hope this page can help you find a quick and complete solution to your issue. Below, you can a few key steps that might help you solve the issue.

Update WordPress and the Theme

If your issue is related to a bug which has been previously reported to our support theme, it’s likely that the issue could already be fixed in a more recent version of the theme. In this case, please update to the latest version of theme.

You should also be running the latest version of WordPress to avoid any technical and security issues no matter what theme you are using. Before updating your WordPress site, make sure your plugins are compatible with the latest WordPress version.

Try a default WordPress theme

Try switching to one of the default WordPress themes to verify if the issue comes specifically from our theme. Here are a few examples of default WordPress themes:

If your issue is resolved after switching to one of these themes, the problem is likely with the theme. In this case, please contact us regarding the issue.

If the issue still persists after switching to a default WordPress theme then the issue is likely with your WordPress site. Please also try solutions below.

Disable plugins

There are thousands free WordPress plugins available, and countless more premium plugins. While our themes should work fine with most plugins, there is no way for us to test and guarantee that all of these plugins will be compatible with our themes. If the plugin has been coded to WordPress’ standards then it should play nicely with our themes. There could be conflicts with some plugins.

Please try disabling your plugins. You can leave the plugins that are recommended by the theme. Re-enable your plugins one at a time, checking your issue after each one. If you re-enable a plugin and see the issue come back, please contact the developer of that plugin.

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