Venture: Changing the order of the Front Page template sections

By default, all sections on the Front Page template are static in the Venture theme, meaning the theme does not have a special option to change the position of each section. This might change in the future once the Block editor will provide the functionality to mimic the current functionality of the Front Page template.

For now, it is possible to change the order each section by using a custom CSS:

/* Introduction section */
.page-template-front-page .front-block-one {
  order: 1;

/* Featured Page section */
.page-template-front-page .front-block-two {
  order: 2;

/* Portfolio section */
.page-template-front-page .front-block-three {
  order: 3;

/* Testimonials section */
.page-template-front-page .front-block-four {
  order: 4;

/* Recent Blog Posts section */
.page-template-front-page .front-block-five {
  order: 5;
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