Prosperity: Creating a custom grid in the Featured Page section (Front Page template)

By default, the theme allows to display a grid layout in the Featured Page section on the Front Page template. This is done by selecting a page with sub-pages. The sub-pages will be displayed in a grid layout. Unfortunately, it is not possible to display sub-pages from another page in this section.

If you need to display various pages (sub-pages and regular) in a grid in this section then you'll need to create a custom grid.In your dashboard:

  1. Go to Pages and create a new page.
  2. Add the Columns block to your page.
  3. Add content to your columns.
  4. Publish the page when you are ready.

Once your page is created, you'll need to set it in the Customizer, so the Front Page template knows which page to use in the Featured Page section. In the Customizer:

  1. Go to the Theme Options → Front Page: Featured Page #1 (or Front Page: Featured Page #2)
  2. Select the page that you've created.
  3. Publish your changes.
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