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Activating your license

Our premium products come with a license key, which is needed in case you want to receive automatic updates and support for as long as your license is valid. While premium products are fully functional without entering a license key, you won’t get any updates in your WordPress Dashboard.

So, it’s better to keep it active to gain access to security updates, bug fixes and new features. Learn how to locate your license key and activate it.


Installing recommended plugins

To insure that your site has all of the same functionality that you see in the demo, we recommend you to install some handpicked plugins to extend functionality of your WordPress site.

It is really up to you whether you'd like to install those plugins. You can "Dismiss" the recommendation notice if you do not wish to proceed with the plugin installation. In this case, some of the theme's sections will be not available on your site.


Setting up your pages

Once you are done with installation of the recommended plugins, you can start creating pages. The theme works best with a static front page, with blog posts displayed on a separate page within your site. Once your static front page is set up, assign the Front Page template.


Customizing the Front Page template

This template is special. It can be used only once on your site. The Front Page template consists of several sections for you to customize. All these front page sections can be managed via the Theme Options in the Customizer.

Please note, in order to see front page options in the Customizer, your static front page has to be set up (see "Setting up your pages" above). Otherwise, these options will be hidden.


Creating menus

The theme comes with several menu locations. Also, it includes a special menu which is designed to display your social links.


Adding testimonials

The theme comes with a support for testimonials that allows you easily display what customers or clients are saying about your business.


Setting up custom page templates

Beside the Front Page template, the theme also provides a few more custom templates to allow you to add unique designs and functionality to your site.

Full-Width Page template — does not have a sidebar, so your content stretches across the full width of the page. It’s perfect for showcasing videos or images.

Grid Page template — displays sub-pages in a grid format, making it ideal for showcasing services, products, team members, store locations, and more. The Grid Page Template has a sidebar and a two-column grid layout.

Full-Width Grid Page template — similar to the Grid Page template, but it does not have a sidebar so the content can span the full width of the page. It displays child pages in a three-column grid layout.

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