Aquene: Setting up the Featured Content

Aquene allows you to display selected posts in a featured area above the blog. These posts are selected by assigning them a specific tag of your choosing.

Set up

To set the tag to use in the Featured Content section, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Customizer → Featured Content.
  2. In the Tag name field, add the tag you’ll use on posts to be displayed as Featured Content. For example, you could use the tag featured. Click Publish.
  3. Add the same tag to the posts (or pages) you want to display in the Featured Content area.


The Featured Content section is consisted of two sections. Each section displays a specific amount of selected posts. In general, Featured Content only shows five featured posts based on the posted date.


This section displays two posts along with their title, category, and author’s name, with the post’s featured image as a background.


This section displays three posts with their title and author’s name, with a round thumbnail image (created automatically) next to the titles.

Note: This feature requires Jetpack plugin installed on your website.

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