Adding a Custom CSS

CSS stands for Cascading Style SheetsCustomizing CSS in WordPress gives the ability to make your custom styling changes to your website.

In this article, you'll learn how to add a custom CSS to your WordPress website without editing any theme files.

Adding custom CSS using the Customizer

WordPress 4.7 comes with the Additional CSS feature that allows you to write your own custom CSS and make your styling changes with live previews in the Customizer. 

To access the CSS editor, go to the Customizer and click on the  Additional CSS tab to open the CSS editor. 

Now, you can add your custom CSS after the placeholder comment (you can also remove the placeholder comment).

Once you're done with your custom CSS, make sure to click the Save & Publish button at the top right to save your custom CSS settings.

Please note, this is a theme specific feature, meaning you won’t have to remove the custom CSS if you switch themes.

If you want to display your custom CSS even when the themes are switched then you should use a plugin that comes with custom CSS functionality

Adding custom CSS using a plugin

Simple Custom CSS is a quick and easy solution to add custom CSS to your WordPress website.

You can either download the plugin or search for "Simple Custom CSS" in your WordPress Dashboard by going to Plugins → Add New.

Once you've found the plugin, you can install and activate it right from your WordPress Dashboard. 

Upon activation simply navigate to Appearance → Custom CSS and add your custom CSS.

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