Appetite: Adding Food Menu items

Appetite gives you an easy way to manage and showcase food menus on your site by going to Food Menus in your WordPress Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Food Menus → Menu Sections to add sections to your food menu.
  2. In order to add a menu item, head to Food Menus → Add One Item.
  3. Add the menu title and description, set a featured image and price, and then select Menu Section for your menu item.
  4. Publish your menu item when you are ready.

You can reorder the food menu items at any time by dragging and dropping them up and down.

Once you’ve added food menu items, simply create a new page and assign it to the Menu Page template from the Page Attributes pane.

In order to have two columns layout, your sidebar has to be inactive. You can hide widgets in your Menu Template by using Widget Visibility feature.

Simply choose “Hide”, and for the “Page” select your menu page. Make sure to repeat this step for all your widgets in the sidebar.

Note: This feature requires Jetpack plugin installed on your website.

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